After 15 days, you will begin your return on invest

We have been experts for more than 5 years in anticipating expiry dates, we’ve developed a proven tool that brings real benefits to your store, regardless of its size or organization.

Dashboard Wektoo

Save your money

Reduce your breakage rate. Our customers see their markdown drop by up to 47%. 100% of your products are anticipated, so no products are discarded without ab opportunity to be sold or valued.

Time optimization

With Wektoo, your employees spend only the time needed to have zero expired product. No more weekly date inventories. The free time allows you to concentrate on tasks that strongly impact the profitability of departments such as the adjustment of orders or organization of reserves.

Serenity on the dates

With Zero out of date on the shelf, no customer complaints or negative reviews online. You know what you're selling to your customers.

Digitizing a manual process

Proceed to date control version 3.0. Make this task more reliable.

« Before, we checked the dates in a traditional way »

« It’s an innovation that improves our quality of service and meets our customers’ expectations »

Etienne Storez – Director E.Leclerc Ifs (France)

« The application has allowed us to fully automate the management of expiry dates »

« We’re spending three times less time on it than we used to »

Anna Vasilievna Chtikina – Manager Slata Supermarket Chain (Russia)

The monitoring interface dedicated to managers

Immediate visibility on shelves

Visualize immediately if there are products that are reaching their expiry dates and that have not yet been checked by your employees. 


Get statistics on employee attendance, break-up rate or the list of references you throw away most regularly.

Full control over your settings

Manage your employees, your withdrawal charters, export your cases or break-ups. Send online training courses to newcomers.

The application for the team

Wektoo expired app

Simple and intuitive

The application guides your employees to the products to be checked. Very easy to use, it will be adopt even by the least digital employees. 

Daily assistance

Your employees just have to follow the application list. No calculation of withdrawal charter to be perfomed. No questions to ask. 

Online training

Turnover or seasonal employees? In 15 minutes, your new employees are autonomous for the management of dates. 

They tryed and adopted Wektoo

I found our methodology with the date inventory very efficient.

Henri Caron


I'd other priorities but I must admit that the implementation was easy in our organization.

Christine Moquin

Department Manager

I was always between a rock and a hard place when I found an expired product.

Julien Vallée


Finally, we have a simple and standardised sustainable methodology. 

Julie Lauzier

Quality Manager